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Lendevity is your trustworthy and long-term ally in your home buying and refinancing needs. We are committed to help you find the most suitable financing options based on your situation.

Our name-Lendevity- came about from the word Longevity – to express that we will be by your side throughout the process and are here to stay. Lendevity’s future is in your hands as our mission is to build long term relationships based on trust, transparency, and knowledge.

We earn your trust by keeping the entire process simple and easy to understand with transparent communication and fee structures. We will deliver the best results possible by analyzing and strategizing based upon your past, current, and future home buying pursuits. We strive to simplify your experience by using the most state of the art technology and to provide you with the knowledge necessary to smoothly and efficiently purchase your new home



Your happiness with our services is our top priority. We will make sure to understand how to best serve you based upon your situation before we advise on any specific programs.


Once we have a clear understanding of your goals we will structure a tailored home buying plan. Together we will review the loan estimate detailing the cost, rate, and set the time expectation.


We will get to work on processing your loan and keep consistent communication with you so you will feel involved in the process.


At closing of your loan, we will review the final closing statement confirming the original pricing discussed. We will then schedule the signing of your loan and you are done!


Transparent Pricing Model

We believe in transparency in the loan process and let you choose your rate & fee based on the options available rather than obligate you to a specific pricing model.

$0 Broker Fees

We won’t charge you an origination fee unless the circumstance of the loan program requires us to.


We believe in the importance of loyalty.  One way we show our loyalty to our existing customers is to cover all 3rd party fees on refinance transactions.

Subjective Advisory Approach

Our hands-on approach allows us to understand your financing needs, prepare a plan that fits your goals, and execute this together.

Technology Based

We are big believers in implementing technology based strategies to make the loan process painless for our borrowers.

3 Weeks Avg Closing Times

We will strive to close your loan in 3 weeks or less.


Sean is phenomenal at what he does. He helped us with our home purchase and I would recommend him to anyone needing a mortgage. He’s honest, straightforward and always wants the best for his clients. Took us 3 weeks to close. THANK YOU SO MUCH SEAN!!!

Brad R.

I have had the most wonderful experience dealing with Sean. I was very stressed about going through this whole refinancing experience. I interviewed a few companies and Sean’s demeanor, communication and genuine care made it very obvious that he is the only person I should have assist me with process. He made it very quick and painless!  He was able to close our refinance in 2 weeks and he made sure I was always in the loop of what was going on with the loan. Thank you Sean and Lendevity for being different, honest and effective! I will never forget what you have done for us and will make sure to recommend you to whomever comes my way!

Neev K.

I felt like I had to share my experience working with this company. From start to finish Sean and the rest of the team did such an amazing job. Every stage was simple and smooth. The service we received and the closing time was beyond our expectations. Thanks again Sean!

Rose G.

We have been working with Lendevity and we are very pleased. We are in the process now and the experience is so different than the one we had before. Sean is always available to answer any question or concerns we have. He is always patient, pleasant and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Lendevity! You won’t regret!

Lauren G.

If you are looking for an honest lender out there, then you got to the right place.  From day one I felt that Sean actually cared about our situation and he thoroughly explained to us the different options we had and what fees are involved with the refrefinancing. They actually don’t charge any origination fees and their rates are lower than their competitors! I highly recommend Lendevity to anyone looking to purchase or refinance their home.

Masimo K.

Sean and Lendevity exceeded our expectations by far!  Sean was easy to work with from the beginning.  We went over the different options I had in refinancing our home and he helped me choose a route that best fit my situation and goals.  Unlike other people, his demeanor during the whole process got my business.  Never felt pressured to make a decision and always felt his sincere advise is in my best interest.

Arthur M.

We had a great experience going with Lendevity for our home purchase.  Sean was easy to work with and always returned our calls quickly.  Very straight forward process and fee structure.  We didn’t have to pay any lender fees and their rates were better than others we compared them to.

Jim G.

Yes, I Sean was amazing in the way he took the time to explain the refinancing process and answer my questions. He was thorough in covering each part of the loan estimate as well as other parts of the loan. He made himself available to talk to day or night. He was respectful, kind, and made us feel comfortable. We signed the docs yesterday and I quickly called him to let him know and again he demonstrated that he cared about getting the best service. I recommend Sean to anyone who is buying, selling or refinancing.


Tino R.

Extremely helpful and reliable

Sean and his entire team stayed in contact with us consistently throughout the loan process. This was our first home purchase and having Lendevity by our side made this stressful process simpler than expected. They always stayed in touch with our realtor to make sure we close on time and made the right recommendations for every roadblock we encountered. I highly recommend working with Lendevity when purchasing a home. Thank you Sean for helping our dream become a reality.

Milana L.

We’ve refinanced and purchased several homes in our lifetime and working with Lendevity was by far the best mortgage experience we’ve had.  Sean was very direct with his recommendations and upfront about the whole process from the beginning.  First time we have a lender that doesn’t charge any points to process the mortgage and close in less than a month.  I recommend Sean and his team to anyone looking to purchase or refinance their home.

Galina C.
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