Getting ready to purchase a home? Did you know that it can take anywhere from three to six months to close on your dream home?

At Lendevity mortgage we partner with many real estate agents to help walk you through the financial processes of buying a house. We are with you from the first stages of prioritizing your budget to fit your wish list into your dream house to the final stage of closing to get your keys.

Buying your home does not have to be stressful if you are prepared ahead of house hunting stage. No one wants to find their perfect dream home to realize they cannot get credit approval, or the house is out of their budget. Our Lendevity team of expert mortgage loan officers can help you through the details in the overall process of purchasing your home.

Let’s take a quick overview of the financial steps to take for purchasing a house.

  • 1 Credit Score:

Do you know your credit score? Did you know that a credit score about 720** will typically give you a better interest rate, which lowers your payment? Be sure you review and check all three credit bureaus for accuracy. There are three major credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

  • 2 Pre-Approval:

Most individuals or couples do not purchase their home in cash. A Lendevity loan officer can provide you with a pre-approval status letter that will have calculated your overall debt-to-income financial health. A pre-approval shows you are a serious buyer and helps with your offer on that dream home.

Are You Pre-Qualified

  • 3 Apply for a Loan:

Even if you have gone through the pre-approval stage with Lendevity you will need to do a full loan application for your home. This stage includes a list of documents needed by us to complete your loan. While this could be different documents depending on the type of loan you will need W-2’s and a financial statement to begin. Find out more about loan options below.

Know Your Loan Options

  • 4 Approval:

Congratulations. You are now part of the Lendevity family!

If this process sounds like it is effortless and a lot less stress, Contact Us at Lendevity today to help you through all the stages you need to purchase a home.

Criteria for a mortgage loan and Credit Score are General Statements and can change from lender to lender and may fluctuate in the marketplace.

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