Lendevity is your trustworthy and long-term ally in your home buying and refinancing needs. We are committed to help you find the most suitable financing options based on your situation.

Our name-Lendevity- came about from the word Longevity – to express that we will be by your side throughout the process and are here to stay. Lendevity’s future is in your hands as our mission is to build long term relationships based on trust, transparency, and knowledge.

We earn your trust by keeping the entire process simple and easy to understand with transparent communication and fee structures. We will deliver the best results possible by analyzing and strategizing based upon your past, current, and future home buying pursuits. We strive to simplify your experience by using the most state of the art technology and to provide you with the knowledge necessary to smoothly and efficiently purchase your new home.



Spoiler: It’s you. Many brokers get paid extra to promote specific lenders. We believe in remaining unbiased, so we can recommend options in your best interest.


Once we have a clear understanding of your goals we will structure a tailored home buying plan. Together we will review the loan estimate detailing the cost, rate, and set the time expectation.


We will get to work on processing your loan and keep consistent communication with you so you will feel involved in the process.


At closing of your loan, we will review the final closing statement confirming the original pricing discussed. We will then schedule the signing of your loan and you are done!

Core Practices

Transparent Pricing Model

We believe in transparency in the loan process and let you choose your rate & fee based on the options available rather than obligate you to a specific pricing model.

$0 Lender Fees

We won’t charge you an origination fee unless the circumstance of the loan program requires us to.


We believe in the importance of loyalty. One way we show our loyalty to our existing customers is to cover all 3rd party fees on refinance transactions.

Advisory Approach

Our hands-on approach allows us to understand your financing needs, prepare a plan that fits your goals, and execute this together.

Technology Based

We are big believers in implementing technology based strategies to make the loan process painless for our borrowers.

3 Weeks Average Closing Times

We will strive to close your loan in 3 weeks or less


Next Steps With Lendevity

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